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Updated March 2022

We are a club run by volunteers, and it takes many hands to grow the organization and keep us successful each season. As older children and their volunteer parents age out of the club, we rely on new volunteers to fill the vacated roles.

Our goal is to keep all volunteer roles as small and manageable as possible, because we value your time as much as you do. If you are interested in any of the following positions, or have any questions about the responsibilities or time commitment, please contact

For a list of the currently active volunteers, see our Leadership Team page. 

Current open positions:

Director, Scheduling

CRITICAL. Coordinates game scheduling for all travel teams. Busiest times are in late March and late July/early August (3-4 hrs per week), otherwise 1 hr per week or less. Everything is managed electronically by email, Excel, and Google calendars. Travel parents or coaches are preferred due to their familiarity with schedule expectations. (Wink, wink…you can set yourself a friendly game schedule…)

Director, Fundraising

CRITICAL. Actively works to solicit local businesses to sponsor intramural teams. We have an established program in place, but we need someone to execute and contact potential sponsors on our behalf. Less than 1-2 hours per week.

Director, Facilities and Equipment

This role maintains and purchases outdoor equipment, coordinates light rentals for Fall, works with contractors for fields lining and the Township for field usage, and checks field status in case of inclement weather.  

League Delegate, PAGS

Represents our club in the PAGS League. Coordinates league registration and scheduling process. Requires 1-2 hours per week during season.

School District Liaison

This position requires 3 hours/week at the beginning of the spring and the beginning of the fall. Other than that, it requires a very low time commitment for occasional emails. This is the person responsible for requesting and confirming the field/turf space at the high school, as well as at other schools at which the club uses space.

Worcester Township Liaison

This person is our direct contact with the Worcester Township Director and gets the permits we need from the township. This position requires 3 hours/week at the beginning of the spring and the beginning of the fall. For the rest of the season and year, it requires a very low time commitment for occasional emails.

Director, Uniforms

Works with Board to select uniforms. Works with vendor to set up online ordering and provides parent email addresses to receive invitations to order. Receives uniform orders and distributes them to coaches. 1 hour per week during spring and summer.

Assistant to VP Intramurals

This person will work alongside our Vice President of Intramural Soccer to help ensure the reliable operation and management of our Intramural program. The time commitment will be variable, but is expected to be concentrated during the weeks leading up to the spring and fall seasons.

Assistant to VP Travel

Similar to the Assistant to VP Intramurals position, this person will work alongside our Vice President of Travel to help ensure the reliable operation and management of our Travel program.

2023 Marc J. Small Memorial Tournament

FC Montco is excited to announce the return of the 13th Marc J. Small Tournament. We are seeking volunteers to serve on the Planning Committee. The time commitment is not extensive and consists of monthly meetings beginning Feb/March of 2023, through the tournament weekend in early June.  We're fortunate to have great leaders of this event who are now looking to transition responsibilities to new volunteers.

There are many areas where additional help would be greatly appreciated. Roles such as Volunteer Coordinator, Tournament Scheduler, Treasurer, Shirts/Medals purchasing, Referee Chair, and Communications are currently open, but we welcome any and all those interested in sharing their time and talents.
Please contact Josh Ilgen ( with any questions.

Volunteer Clearance Requirements

As of July 1, 2015, new child protection laws took effect in Pennsylvania that require any club volunteers in direct contact with children to have child abuse clearances and specific background checks—the same ones needed to volunteer in your child's school. Full information on the legislation and reporting requirements is available at:

Additionally, FC Montco is required to maintain copies of clearances for all volunteers. We must have this documentation in hand prior to the commencement of your volunteer activities. Simply put:

If your clearances are not on file,
you are not permitted on the field.

Specifically, all coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, and even parents that are helping out more than one time are required to have the clearances listed below.

  • SafeSport (abuse) and Heads Up (concussion awareness)
  • Child Abuse History Clearance (link)
  • PA State Police Criminal Record Check (link)
  • Fingerprint-based FBI Federal Criminal History (link)
  • Affidavit of Compliance (link) This affidavit is only applicable in lieu of the FBI background check if you have lived in Pennsylvania continuously for the previous 10 years. See for full requirements and information.

Copies of all documentation must be emailed to our Secretary at Please indicate the position and program for which you have volunteered.