Safe Sport Training Instructions

Which SafeSport course should I take?

The training runs in a 4-year cycle as follows:

  1. Year 1: SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation
  2. Year 2: Refresher 1
  3. Year 3: Refresher 2
  4. Year 4: Refresher 3
  5. Year 5: SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation (again)

So if this is your first time taking the course, or you haven't taken the course in 5 years, you should take the course entitled, “SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation”.

If you have taken training in the last 4 years, you should take the next available "Refresher Course."  As mentioned above, you can take up to 3 Refresher courses before you have to take the full training ago.  

How do I take the SafeSport course?

  1. Login to SafeSport.
    1. If needed, “Sign Up” for a new account
    2. If you already have an account and have taken training before, log in to Returning SafeSport Training
  2. Click on “Menu” and select “Catalog.”
  3. Click the Start button for “SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation” to take the course.  Or take the Refresher course if you have completed the full training in the past 4 years.  
  4. Upload your certificate of completion.

Note that there are other courses available in the catalog. These are optional and do not meet the training requirement established by the Center for SafeSport.

For complete information regarding EPYSA mandates and requirements, please visit Coaching Compliance

How do I download a completion certificate?

  1. Select the “Menu” icon at the top right of your page.
  2. Select “Transcript”.
  3. Once the transcript page displays, locate the most current completion for the course under the “Certificates” section.

Need Help?

Please contact the club's Risk Management Coordinator at


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