Warriors v. Haverford

Yesterday, we faced Haverford—a team that is currently ranked 100 places above us in GotSoccer rankings. Let me repeat that 100 places above us. Based on that, we should not have been competitive with them. However, we played with great heart and effort, but in the end, we came up short on two soft goals. As coaches, Ed and I are so proud of this team, and the way the team played on Sunday means so much to us. 

We are still very young as a squad; we’re going through normal growing pains, enduring injuries, and learning how to perform as a team and not individuals. However, I see this team improve each week. I look forward to getting Tony Colucci back from his injury and possibly adding our 15th player in mid-October when school ball ends. 

Yesterday, for the first time, we started our move from a counter-attacking team (which we put into place until we became comfortable with each other and our 4-3-3 system) to a more possession-orientated squad. The team played outstanding ball against a very high-quality, technical squad with Aidan Cleary named as our outstanding player of the match. 

Ed and I are pleased with the performance but also understand we have a long way to go, especially in terms of becoming more patient in the offensive third. This will come with training and time. 

Looking forward, the team has a very good draw this weekend at the YMS Columbus Cup tournament and has an excellent chance of winning all three matches, if the boys continue to play together. 

See everyone on Saturday and thanks for all your support.