FC Montco Freedom (2006 Boys)

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Summer Workouts

Something new and different for our Freedom team - CrossFit Training at Bridge the Gap. This was the first of a 10 week session. The boys spent this session learning some basic movements that they will continue building on throughout this training. Our new friends, Coach Dennis and Coach Bre, are going to push these boys in new and exciting ways with the goals of exposing them to new exercises, making them better athletes and soccer players and just teaching them another way to take care of themselves.

What a way to end the 2018 season!

Last game of the season, already division champions going in, cold, windy day, second place opponent so going to be tough, right? Tough to stay motivated, tough to stay focused? NAH!!

The boys came out and just took it to the second place team and reminded them why we won first place. Great energy and no panic. Willing to make the right play even if it means that the ball needs to stay in our defensive end. Staying calm on the ball so they are balanced enough to make the proper pass. I could not have asked for any more from these boys today.

5-0 vs Aston to close out the season undefeated. Every bit of the praise they receive is earned.

Way to go Freedom! Enjoy this one for a few weeks and then we get back at it. Indoor, here we come.

Nov. 11, 2018

Sunday - What a beautiful day for soccer, and WHAT A GAME!!! The team we played today was by far the best team that we have played all year. They play the game the right way and they play fast. Today we played hard, solid and faster. A 2-0 win against the only other undefeated team remaining in our division. Sure, they were some miscues but the boys turned it on when they needed to, played to the whistle the whole game and pushed a team that had yet to be pressured all year.

The tournaments that we go to and the higher level opposition we look for has steeled these boys to the point where they don't get nervous when the pressure mounts and they continue to play hard no matter the situation. I could not be prouder of them. Great game boys! Ok, that said, we have one game remaining and I laid out the challenge, let's finish undefeated. It is going to take another strong effort to finish this off but it is one I know the boys have in them. GO FREEDOM!

Nov. 10, 2018

Game two was Saturday morning...we are NOT a morning team. This was a game that we were supposed to win and did. We dominated possession. The ball only crossed into our half when we took it there. Keepers only touched the ball 4 times all game and 2 of those were back passes. The score did not reflect the control the boys had. Game was 1-0 at half but was never in jeopardy. Final was 3-0 but with 15 minutes left, even Coach Andy could tell it was over. Player of the Game awards--coaches' selection-Mark, parent/player selection-Jonathon.

The boys have really stepped up and played well this year. With 2 games remaining we are in the position that if we win one, we win the division. These are going to be our toughest two games of the season so stayed tuned. Next up, Sunday afternoon.....back to work boys.

Nov. 7, 2018

Wednesday night, first time playing on the turf at MHS (it was gigantic!!!) and against an opponent that was leading our division. Well the boys were excited but focused and it showed right away. Jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first ten minutes and just never looked back. Connected on 233 passes (highest total ever for this team) and just totally dominated coming to a 6-0 final. Player of the Game awards--coaches' selection-Alejandro, parent/player selection-Quinn.

Nov. 3, 2018

Saturday - Well, It feels like it has been months since I posted last. Mother Nature has definitely had it in for us this fall. Even today, the fields were soft, wet, windy and cold...but hey, we played!!! And played again!!! Boys turned in a solid effort again today.

Game 1 vs Swarthmore was a 4-0 win that wasn't that close. Boys got a little talking to at halftime because the coaches felt the effort wasn't where it should be, flip to the second half and the coaches realized how big an effect the wind was having on the game. Total domination in the second half. Keeper only touched the ball when we passed it to him and the ball only crossed midfield under our control. Goals were by Lucas, Jonathon, Curtis and Luke. Great work.

Game 2 vs Lower Merion- 5-0 win. Boys played well again. Even better when you consider that it was the second game of the day and at a different field. Evaluation was very similar to game 1 with our focus needing to be on spreading the field and playing bigger balls for faster changes (all things that will come). Goals were by Mark, Mitchell, Luke, Jack and Quinn. PoGs tomorrow.

It’s great to see different names on the score sheet each week. These boys play a very good team game and are very unselfish. It is a pleasure to coach them (even if I do get on them hard at times) Ok, these games are now done, time to put in the work to move on to the next ones. Two games to get caught up on, here we go....

Our 06 Freedom boys won the championship at the Whitewater Cup Classic!

Oct. 6, 2018 - Our 2006 Freedom team won their Columbus Day tournament yesterday by only allowing one goal in three games—breaking a three-way tie for first!

U11 Predators Win Championships!

November 12, 2016 — The U11 Predators finished their season at 7 wins, 1 tie and 2 losses to qualify for the championship today. Playing the team that beat them twice in the regular season, the Predators controlled the game from the opening whistle with high energy and great team play to take the championship game from Boyertown by a 3-2 margin. Great game by both teams, this looks like the beginning of a long rivalry. 



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